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Dressing Ken is now ALLIE NYC.  I will still be covering mens fashion and Dressing Ken will be a new section on the blog. Hope you all enjoy the ride. Click the link to get started. Thank you for all your support my lovely readers...

Calvin Gilbreath on – The Flat

I am in love with this space. It is no surprise that the owner of his abode is a part time interior designer and has plans to start a design consulting business. Calvin Gilbreath certainly has innate flair for design. I love how he mixes textures and aesthetics. The modern with the classic, the sleek with the natural, the contrasts of light and dark,  and how it comes together and stays true to the African influence at the core of the design. And what also makes this space so interesting is the unexpected: like the framed Michelle Obama Time Magazine photo so low to the ground, but it is the swath of white space above the photo that draws your attention to it and helps it to stand out.  And I have always HATED ceiling fans, but one look at this room has changed all that. Wow. After the zebra print behind he coach my eye went right to this fan. What a beautiful choice for this room. But what really pulls this room together and sets the stage for the design is the one contrasting wall pained in a very dark matte color. A brave decision but a strategic one. How do think this room would look if this wall was white as well?  I had planned on doing the whole white desk thing when I buy my condo, but now I am rethinking this. A white chair, a white faux fur throw and a black wood desk sounds divine to me. I could totally see myself in a space like this. Problem is I would probably never leave it. To see of this home and to read an interview with Calvin please visit

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Women of the year fund

Last evening I was running through Penn Station feeling like a salmon swimming against the stream pushing my way through the masses of commuters when the cover of the current issue of Glamour caught my eye. I mean how can it not? Gold and Lady Gaga oh yeah! I needed some reading material for the ride home and decided to splurge. Well not to long in to flipping through the must I say, very well designed pages, I came across an article on their “Women Of The Year Fund”. This year they are giving the award to Malala Yousafzai the young women who was shot in the face by the Taliban for speaking out against them, and for wanting an eduction. Her story is harrowing, moving and above all inspiring. So if anyone is feeling badly for themselves or having a “bad day” remember Malala, and thank God for all the joys you have in your life. And if you want to pay the joy forward, you join with Glamour and donate $10.00 to the fund which is going directly to Malala’s non profit organization The Malala FundThe Malala Fund raises money to help children get the education they are entitled to. You can donate by texting MALALA to 50555 or online at And to read an interview with Malala please got to And remember to always look for and be grateful for the joy in your life and count your blessings.

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maje fall2013 for Look Book Friday

This was a busy week for me,  I had a number of appointments which will be posted about in the near future, but I can let you know they all involve fashion, so stay tuned. Today’s Look Book Friday comes to us from Maje. Their fall collection has a downtown edge to it with an urban sophistication that says, I am the it girl of the moment. Last year they collaborated with Alexa Chung, an it girl if there ever was one, and I must say the model in this look book does strike a wee bit of a resemblance to Alexa. I love this aesthetic, this is definitely the way I like to dress: sexy but understated, and not an obvious sexuality in tight dresses and stilettos, but a mini dress with a boxy cropped tuxedo jacket, or skinny jeans and a fluffy coat, or black leather pants and oversized sweater. Reined in sex appeal is how I like to think of it. Reined in sex appeal with a refined urban approach is what makes this collection so appealing and so wearable. And I do love the hair as well. I have mentioned on the blog before the awful haircut I got, with dutch boy bowl bangs. I am not sure why so many stylists have a problem understanding “long and swingy”.  But I just may have to refer to this look book when I head to my new stylist in a few months. And once I get my “It girl juju” back I just may have to treat myself to that black and white coat! Well happy Friday all, and stay fashionable! To see more from this look book head on over to

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Repurposed Second Hand Doors on – The Flat

I have probably mentioned before, my addition to HGTV and home renovation television shows? 
Really, I can not get enough. I just love seeing how the same space can be repurposed, and how with a little imagination you can create a beautiful space on limited funds. So when I stumbled on this bedroom make over on The Weir House blog, I just had to share it with you. Repurposing old second hand doors in to dramatic light fixtures? Genius! What a clever and relatively easy way to bring some drama to room. Granted the room would have to be large enough to accommodate the two doors, but if you have the room I say go for it. And if you live in a smaller space, one door would work too. And of course they can be used in other rooms as well. I love the distressed quality of the doors here and the shabby chic aesthetic. But this is truly a blank canvas DIY. There are so many options: you could paint the doors solid white and paint on gold chevron patterns and hang small black crystal chandeliers, or you could paint the door with gray and white stripes, or if you had gray walls you could paint the doors in the same shade of gray with some distressed white paint and white light fixtures, or you could use the gray and white stripes against the gray walls. As you can see the variations on this are limitless. That is test of a great DIY, how the DIY itself can be repurposed. To read more about this resourceful DIY and for detailed instructions please stop by The Weir House blog.  A lovely and refreshing look at the life of a newly wed couple in the sunny state of Florida. 

All images via The Weir House

Harem Pants - DYDI?

Who doesn’t like to be comfortable? I know I do. Today we are looking at a trend that is fun and comfortable but may not be for everyone. The harem pant or what some are calling slouchy pants and what Free People refer to as the “lounge pant” is a popular on going trend. Perhaps it is a response to a decade of wearing skinny jeans, or the the desire to change up one’s silhouette from time to time, or the desire to be comfortable but the harem pant or relaxed fit pant is now a fashion forward option. Much like other on the edge trends, the harem pant can go wrong, what Zac Posen likes to call poopy pants. So when looking for a harem or looser fitting pant remember less is more. It is probably best not to go over board with the draping and make sure the dropped crotch is not too low, especially if you are on the shorter side. If you are worried about the excess fabric on the hips look for a straighter more streamlined cut. The trousers in the first photo are loose and have a relaxed fit and do taper in at the ankle, but it is very subtle so it keeps the look more streamlined. If you are short and want to wear harem pants you should definitely wear them with heals. In fact, to me, all slouchy pants are just begging to be worn with heels. I chose three looks to express how the harem pant could be worn in different ways, and note they are all include heels. 

The first look is from the blogger Ivania Carpio of the blog Love and Aesthetics, of the three looks this one is the most sophisticated and I could see this being worn to Fashion Week. I love the subtle tone on tone palette and the over all minimalism of the look. The second look is more casual with a free spirited edgy boho vibe to it, perfect for grabbing a latte and doing a bit of shopping on a lazy Saturday. And the last look is the most main stream. It actually incorporates two trends: the crop top and the harem pant. What makes this look work is the neutral colors, the high waist of the pant and oversized boho bag. If the same look was done in pastels with a lower waist and a tiny bag well…I don’t think I need to elaborate. You get the idea. I personally love the the slouchy/harem pant trend. They were featured  quite a bit in last weeks Chloe Look Book Friday. These looks are certainly more edgy and they may not be for everyone and granted for some of these pants it is best to tall and skinny. But everyone can wear a loser, more relaxed fit trouser. Just remember: heels and a great bag!

mens street style round up

I was so inspired by the street style break out session tutorial with Adam Katz Sinding at Lucky FABB that I have been spending more time then usual looking at street style blogs. They really are quite fascinating, and Adam’s is one of the best. Going with my inspiration I decided to round up some images of mens street style. From these images you would think that every time you stepped out the door you would get lost in a sea of well dressed men, but alas we know this not the case. Sometimes a gals got to turn to the “internets” to get her fix of hot men in even hotter threads. I would venture to say that the majority of the men in these photos like women. Sooo guys (voice lowers) please come a little closer…it’s ok to like fashion and look good…we LIKE it. So girls (and boys) please enjoy, and next time you see a well dressed man, let him know!

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